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Squirrel Control Services

Protecting Your Home From Squirrels

Have squirrels invaded your property in Pittsburg, CA?

They may seem cute, but squirrels can be carriers of diseases, and left to their own devices, they can get into power lines and other unwanted spaces. These invasions can cause costly damage to your property.

If squirrels have decided to make your property their home, you need a fast, dependable squirrel control service that eliminates the problem efficiently. Diamond Rodent Proofing is here for you with our experienced pest control solutions. Contact us today for a free property inspection!

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We Are Here To Help

At Diamond Rodent Proofing, our team of squirrel control experts can help eliminate your problem once and for all. When you call us, we'll arrive on the scene to evaluate the situation and implement solutions that work to not only rid you of squirrels, but our rodent prevention services will keep them from returning.

With affordable rates and flexible scheduling, Diamond Rodent Proofing is the team to turn to when squirrels wreak havoc on your property. For more information or to request a quote for our services, call us today!

The Diamond Rodent

Proofing Difference

  • Top Rated Local® rodent control services
  • 13 plus years of experience in the industry
  • Free property inspections
  • Family-owned and operated business
  • Affordable and effective squirrel protection
  • 1 year squirrel-free guarantee after our services
  • A safer way of rodent proofing instead of using toxic chemicals

The Importance

of Squirrel Protection

Besides having the potential to carry diseases, squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your property. Their favorite place to build nests is in the attic as they have a seemingly endless supply of insulation and other materials that are great for nest-building. Squirrels often chew on the eave of the house or come in through unscreened vents or chimneys. With this type of destruction within the attic, they could easily chew through wires that could cause electrical issues in your home as well as create fire hazards. Call Diamond Rodent Proofing today to rid your home of squirrels!

Our Method To Getting Rid Of Squirrels


We first come to your home to perform a free inspection to find where the squirrels are getting into your home.


Once the entrances have been found, we will collaborate with you to create a solution to keep the squirrels out of the house.


Now that we have a plan, we will start our process of ridding your home of the squirrels using our poison and chemical-free techniques.


As soon as all the squirrels are removed from your home, we will repair damage, and put in place the solutions that we discussed previously.


Our 1-year pest free guarantee will keep you covered if squirrels happen to make their way back into your house.

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